About the Author

Ethan Daniel Schur

Ethan Daniel Schur at the Helm of a Stereoscopic Rig

  • Ethan’s half decade of work at TDVision Systems has taken him to military installations, Hollywood studios, CE manufacturers, broadcasters and more, all across the world, in pursuit of massive adoption of 3D to the Home.
  • Ethan’s background is in the video game industry where he worked with Electronics Arts on major gaming franchises.
  • Ethan has served as the the chair of the 3D@Home Consortium’s worldwide promotional group and is a board member of the 3D Film Festival.
  • Ethan is TDVision’s Chief Standards Engineer representing TDVision Systems at SMPTE, ATSC, SCTE, 3D@Home, 3D Consortium, SID, ICDM and other groups related to 3D to the Home.
  • Ethan was the program chair and agenda organizer of  “3D Technology Update for Display Professionals” put on by the Society of Information Display.
  • Ethan has been an expert guest speaker at dozens of industry events ranging from the Hollywood Post Alliance Tech Retreat, to the Korean Electronics Grande Faire.
  • Ethan runs two stereoscopic groups on LinkedIn with over 500 members.
  • Ethan is an SPIE author for Stereoscopic Displays and Applications and is published in the 2009 SD&A proceedings.
  • Ethan represented TDVision and received the 2009 “TV Innovation Award” from IMS research in the field of 3DTV.
  • For more information search “Ethan Schur” (In quotes) in either Google or Youtube

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