NAB 2011 Day Three

NAB Wednesday started early at 8 AM with a 3D@Home meeting. The first part of the meeting was open for non-members. This opening session covers the status of the 3D@Home working groups, new member introductions, and standards liaison updates.

Steering Team 2 (ST2 – 3D Content Storage / Transmission / Distribution) co-chairman Thierry Borel of Technicolor gave a nice presentation on the latest in ST2.

I was pleasantly surprised to receive a plaque commending me on my past work as the ST3 Worldwide 3D Promotional co-Chair.

Here is Mr. Rick Dean from THX presenting me with my transparent plaque.

Everybody please visit the 3D@Home website. There is a wealth of info there!

A notable new member to the 3D@Home consortium is Meduza Systems. Meduza has innovated a sensor agnostic, fully modularized stereoscopic camera. The Meduza supports multiple “beyond 4k” sensor options and numerous HD and 2K sensor options.

3ality Digital spared absolutely no expense in their 2011 NAB showing. The 3ality exhibit / campus, is located in the outdoor open space between the south lower and central halls.

The exhibit has a soccer field, that turns into a basketball court. Here is a game of wheelchair assisted basketball, filmed with all sorts of 3ality capture technologies from cameras on jibs, to steadycam, beam splitters, side-by-side rigs, and more. A truly massive operation.

Here is a view from inside the neighboring tent.

This tent is packed full of equipment for camera control and alignment, QC, switching, post production, and monitoring.

Today was really a blur. There is some sort of temporal vortex that I get sucked into when I pass the threshold of the LVCC. I’m sure many of my NAB colleagues feel the same. I was told today that the show could go on for another 5 days and still be interesting!

–4:36 AM Goodnight!


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