NAB Day One

It's important to test out new cameras on colorful imagery

It is NAB time again! What a great time of the year. I’m very busy with meetings and sessions, however I take some quick snaps as I travel from hall to hall.

Dude the GoPro 3D camera is totally tubular!

I popped into the sessions whenever I got the chance. Here is a slide from a presentation by Namho Hur of ETRI, a major Korean research Institute. What we see here is that half resolution frame compatible 3D imagery shows more artifacts than simulcasted stereo pair of video. This is because half the pixel resolution is removed from frame compatible images, and interpolated later on the viewing end.

Stating the obvious?

It’s important to respect the human brain, it is capable of so much! It has been postulated that if one of the views of a stereoscopic pair is of lower quality than the other, then the brain will not notice the difference. However I found my brain hurting a little bit after a few minutes of viewing this content. When switched to side-by-side mode I could see why, the right view was very degraded compared to the left. There was a lot of retinal rivalry going on. My brain was doing more work to put these dissimilar images together.  With 1080i for the left view and 480p for the right view, I must exclaim “Vive la Différence!” Actually the still image below doesn’t accurately depict what I was seeing since the issues show up much more prominently when the imagery is viewed in motion.

HD on the left SD on the right

Tim Dashwood has some cool mac software that helps with S3D production.

The above pic is a little blurry. One cool feature of Tim Dashwood’s software is the ability to calibrate a stereo rig based on its output video.

It’s pretty late over here so I will leave you off with something cool, mobile DTV solutions provided by Harris. It’s great to see where we are headed, however it’s clear that pixel sub-sampling and interpolation are all the more deadly on mobile devices where the resolution can be cut in the horizontal from 480 to 240 due to frame squeezing.

Goodnight All!

-Ethan Daniel Schur


One response to “NAB Day One

  1. Ethan– I’d like to discuss also with you “Euclidean perceptual space”. See Diane Troyer linked in:
    On Linked In or google MetaZtron that explains the laser projectors real time Z depth in images. Patents Canada 2/11; USA 2001, 05, 06 and India: Infringing– Kodak/ HDI/ Light Blue Optics, AaXatech, (maybe Microvision???). Stereo Laser TV two channel stereo (Kodak–DLP) (HDI-LCOS): Uses two polarizations. The Troyer patents cover this approach– but there is no doubt that using the Z depth factor and providing one channel real time depth is the solution for Auto Dimension (without glasses 3D). Could we talk??? Your software would need to be adjusted for the infinite focus attribute — which would simplify–
    Many in the studio industry are Fuddite Flatlander (modern Luddites). They have to be. It is illogical to place 3D in 2D space—KISS. But then they have no way to create real time 3D. Ethan, you understand—Being a gamer helps. We have endorsement from military/ Telcordia/ etc. stating that MZTV is the long awaited answer for the CAVE/ HIVE— Holographic Immersive Virtual Environments.

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