Game Developers Conference Day One

GDC is a healthy event, vibrant and full of activity. It’s clear that many companies pour resources into this show, with Google giving away 250 Xoom tablets on Tuesday, and multiple companies staging extravagant after-parties.

TDVision has been working on our S3D Gaming technology, TDVirtualCam since 2003 with great results. It is very gratifying to see the gaming industry begin to massively adopt S3D gaming technology in the home. I hit the show floor to check out the latest and greatest in the field.

The first thing I was interested in looking at was the Nintendo 3DS. I was able to snap a picture using my Fuji 3D Camera (graciously provided by Fuji) to take a picture of the auto-stereoscopic screen of the 3DS in 3D. Here is an anaglyph render of Capcom’s 3DS Street Fighter game.

I enjoy the 3DS, it has a built in 3D camera, can play 3D content, and takes social networking to a new level. That being said, I do find the graphics a bit lacking, and I would have been happier to see a more powerful graphics chip in the device like the Imagination Technologies GPU found in the OMAP 5.

However, this was simply my first hands on demo. I am expecting a review unit, and it’s quite possible that I will revise my opinion on the graphics capabilities, as I spend more time with the software and hardware.

I went to a talk on the creation of the Nintendo 3DS that was pretty good. We all wore earpieces to translate Mr. Kono’s talk from Japanese.

Here is a picture of me with Nintendo of America (NOA) CEO Reggie Fils-Aime. Reggie refused to have his picture taken with my Fuji camera, insisting that any 3D pictures of him must be taken with a 3DS. That being the case, here is me and Reggie in 2D!

Want to see what the 3DS looked like as it was being developed? This is an image of a modified Wii using a prototype 3D screen.

I had a lot of meetings today, and it was pretty busy. I did find time to pick up some freebies, and I must say GDC has some of the best swag out there.

There were a few after-events today, like Women in Gaming International (WIGI), World of Tanks party, and a strange one at Jillians at the Metreon, a Toga party. No I did not put on a toga.


One response to “Game Developers Conference Day One

  1. I love following your activity Ethan! It’s insightful and rich with factual information that serves to teach , entertain and appeal to many! It’s fascinating to read and feel as if I’m part of your activities… Always a perfect detour to a mundane day !…;-)
    Ethan’s blogs rocks!!

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