CES Day 3

Quick 6:40 AM update for CES day 3.

Having misplaced my Fuji W3 camera charger, I spent some time dashing to different 3D related exhibits to see if they had a charger I could pop the battery into. Following an epiphany, I simply navigated to the Fuji exhibit and left the battery with them to charge.

One pair of XpanD loaner glasses was lost today bringing the total to two. We decided against tying the glasses to anything because this is too restraining and messy, because of this we have to expect a certain level of attrition no matter how high our monitoring diligence. In fact this year we have been far more successful than last year where 4 glasses were lost in the first day alone.

While I was busy in meetings the entire day, I did get a chance to acquire passive glasses from Marchon (Calvin Klein branded), 3DBlick, iCoat Sfirex, and Look 3D. All that is left to try to get a hold of is the Oakley 3D glasses. I’m thinking I’ll do some tests with a densitometer and post the results.

On CES day 4 I’ll start the blogging with the charged W3 battery at the Fuji exhibit. I’ll find time to walk the floor to the Sony exhibit, go more in depth with different camera and display technology, and possibly crawl the meetings rooms in the Hilton for hidden gems.

If I move really fast I may even be able to make it to the North hall, to see the rumored 3D tablet. I’ll be interested to see the level of crosstalk that comes from such closely spaced lines on the row interleaved polarizing filter, as well as if the device has an S3D user interface, how one can touch controls in negative parallax without it feeling unnatural.


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