CES 2011 Day 0

The exhibits don’t open yet until tomorrow, however it is clear that 3D is a major topic at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this year.


I noticed the 3D@Home TechZone was smaller this year than last, a colleague mentioned that this may be a good thing, as 3D is ubiquitous now, it may not need to be constrained to a single zone.

TDVision Systems, is exhibiting at the Sisvel area in South Hall Lower Level 20537. Please come and see us and chat with me personally. You can learn more about our CES2011 activities by reading this press release.

Much chatter has surrounded the glasses-free display by Toshiba. Some say that it looks quite good, while others say Toshiba does a disservice to the S3D community by heightening consumer expectations for a technology that isn’t ready for the home. I’ll be very interested to see for myself.

Also on the autostereo front, I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled of course for the Nintendo 3DS portable gaming device.

As far as glasses themselves are concerned there are a plethora of offerings from XpanD, Volfoni, BitCauldron, and 3DTV corp on the active side as well as Marchon, 3DBlick and others.

The Panasonic area is massive and it’s going to be great looking at all the new Full HD 3D televisions on the show floor. None of the devices were turned on today because everybody was setting up their exhibits.

This is the sixth year TDVision has been at CES, when we first started it seemed that we were the only company showing 3D in the entire show! The difference in 2011 is astounding. I’ve got to get some rest for the first day of a show packed with meetings, 3D learning, and fun.

-Ethan Daniel Schur


One response to “CES 2011 Day 0

  1. Excellent recap. Almost feel as if I was there. Amazing how far 3D has come at CES from when we started.

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