International 3D Society Lumiere Awards for 3D Technology

Tuesday saw a gala event at the Mann’s Chinese Theater in Hollywood, where the International 3D Society awarded the winners of this year’s 3D Technology Lumiere Awards.

The Lumiere is beautiful gold dipped statuette, made by the same company that crafts the Oscar’s, The Lumiere is a backward bending muse, wearing 3D glasses.

The Lumiere Award

The event was well covered in 3D with a giant jib holding a red beam splitter rig, provided by Digital Revolution Studios.

3D Content was shown from the 1890’s and 1930’s with the Lumiere Brother’s “Arrival of the Train” 2D original and 1930s 3D remake.

Also there was a tribute to Harold Lloyd which included a remastered, colorized, and 3D converted clip from the 1923 classic “safety last”

The awards were interspersed with 3D clips from different studios and of course acceptance speeches.

The full list of award winners can be seen by clicking the link above.

Here are some images from the event. We may need an .mpo format support on this blog so we don’t have to share images in anaglyph. It might make sense to simply add links for the .mpo so people can view the images in any S3D format.

Dave Cook, Chief 3D Vision Software Architect at NVIDIA, with stereographer Sasha Paperny

Chuck Comisky, (right) was in charge of S3D VFX on AVATAR, seen here with myself

Myself with Josh Greer, President and Co-Founder, RealD

Steve Hines of HinesLab won the award for his crucial innovation of the over / under beam splitter rig configuration that prevails today.

Robert Neuman, Stereoscopic Supervisor at Walt Disney Animation Studios

Author and Stereoscopic Historian Ray Zone, Lead Stereographer at Sony Imageworks Rob Engle, 3D pioneer Lenny Lipton, and others on the red carpet.

This was a fantastic event, the I3DS also puts on an event called 3D University which is very helpful and will be covered in a separate post in the future.


2 responses to “International 3D Society Lumiere Awards for 3D Technology

  1. john holland

    So sad all this 3D hype , its the story /narrative direction actors cinematography that counts ! Not the technology .

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