The Opportunity for Mobile 3D Displays

MasterImage Mobile Display

There is a great opportunity for stereoscopic display in the mobile arena. The churn in mobile devices is such that they are replaced and innovated at a faster rate than larger CE devices, and the latest generation of smartphones, running on Android, notably the Samsung Galaxy S and the HTC Evo, give rise to the hope that portable phones can one day rival and even surpass handheld gaming systems.

Pictured above is a particularly interesting technology, the development kit for the MasterImage 3D 854×480 “Cell Matrix Parallax” (Parallax Barrier) display which is 2D/3D switchable.

I saw this in action at the 3D Entertainment Summit at the Universal Hilton on September 14th.

While it is clear that auto-stereoscopic technology will not be ready for the home any time in the near-to-mid term, it is generally acceptable for mobile applications when a single user is able to hold the display the right distance from their eyes.

The quality of the display is quite good. What makes the offering even more interesting however is that it is paired with the NVIDIA Tegra Full HD portable GPU platform. The NVIDIA Tegra seems like the perfect choice for a mobile platform providing graphics and video in Full HD 3D with an option for a user to connect directly to 3D enabled televisions via HDMI 1.4.

One can imagine a future cellphone with a 3D camera and viewfinder built in, as well as the ability to play stereoscopic games, watch 3D movie releases and possibly even receive stereoscopic transmissions via 3D-Ready ATSC Mobile broadcast channels.


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