Martin Banks on Vergence / Accommodation

I sat down with Martin Banks at his office at the UC Berkeley Optometry Department.

Martin Banks is a Professor of Vision Science and has written dozens of high quality papers on human vision over the last four decades. Martin is recognized as a world-wide expert on the human visual system and theory of human binocular vision and stereopsis.

Attached is a portion of the audio interview dealing with the topic of Vergence / Accommodation.

Vergence refers to the inward and outward rotation of the two eye’s optical axis being directed at a particular point in space.

Accommodation refers to the two eye’s ability to change dioptric power of their lens and achieve focus on an object or particular point in space.

Vergence and Accommodation are tightly coupled, and together form a principal cause of binocular vision.

Vergence / Accommodation mismatches occur when a person’s eyes are accommodated on a certain area in space (for example a television screen) while at the same time the eyes are verged on a different point in space (for example a stereoscopic image projected negative paralax in front of the television screen)


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